Snorblok Nitepro mouthpiece and Airmax Nasal Dilator pair

Stop Snoring Combo - NitePro Mouthpiece PLUS Airmax Nasal Inserts Medium

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Combo value deal with a Snorblok Nitepro mouthpiece to stop you snoring with an Airmax Nasal Dilator pair to keep you breathing well through your nose.

The Snorblok Nitepro anti snoring device is one of the best snoring dental devices in New Zealand. It is a fully adjustable mouthpiece with solid upper and lower frames that maintain the structure of the mouthpiece, unlike many making it superior to the many other products made from soft materials which can loosen shape when subjected to constant pressure.

The Snorblok Nite Prop features a special ThermalForm moulding system, made from
non-toxic mouldable medical grade materials. Using the simple "boil and bite" method, the teeth is moulded to the material, creating a custom fit.

For maximum effectiveness, the NitePro is easy to adjust. Requiring no tools, to adjust, simply press the locking tabs on either side, and slide the bottom plate to the ideal position. There are 10 locking positions in 1mm increments.

The Airmax® is a nonsurgical noninvasive anti-snoring treatment. It works by helping people who snore to breathe more freely through the nose.

Airmax® widens the narrowest part of the nose without being visible on the outside of the nose. The mechanical widening has shown efficacy in increasing the airflow, which enables the air to go deeper into the lungs and provides more oxygen.

The Airmax® nasal dilator has been studied and tested extensively in scientific clinical research and is proven effective with many cases of snoring.

Airmax® helps people with a mild form of sleep apnoea to breathe more freely through the nose.

The Airmax® nasal dilator is made in the Netherlands from a soft, odourless and medically certified plastic. It has been developed for a comfortable fit and to date there have been no cases of allergic reactions due to use of the product reported.

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