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Snorblok Comfort-X Mouthpiece

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A premium quality stop snoring mouthpiece. Otherwise known as a Mandibular Advancement Device.

The Snorblok Comfornrt-X works by widening the respiratory tract, enabling air to flow unobstructed through the breathing passage, allowing you to breathe more freely and stop snoring.

This product is quite different to the Snorblok Hi-flow Mouthpiece. While it still has a high airflow feature with the large breathing holes, it is made from high quality flexible Medical Grade Pure Silicone that is guaranteed BPA and Latex Free. Certification is available on request.

It is used to eliminate Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Teeth Grinding, Bruxism and TMJ.

Rather than being heated and moulded to the upper and lower jaws like other products, this premium mouthpiece is flexible and soft and adjusts the position of the jaw gently into the right position, offering additional benefits. Extremely comfortable. Hollow molar cavity for gentle TM Joint decompression .

It is a slightly different feel and may need to be worn for 1 or 2 hours only on the first few nights until your jaws get used to the appliance seating in properly.

Do not clench teeth hard
Do not cover with your lips. (Your mouth will naturally stay slightly open with the mouthpiece in)
Do not put your tongue against the holes on the mouthpiece.

Please note: Snoring is cause by a wide variety of issues - different for everyone. Thousands of people have proved snoring mouthpieces can help stop snoring, however results aren't typical.

Many snoring solutions don't address what causes snoring but the Snorblok Comfort-X Mouthpiece anti snoring mouthpiece treats snoring and Sleep Apnea.

Being one of the best snoring remedie,s it custom fits to your teeth for a perfect fit and is adjustable for the best snoring and sleep apnea relief. 

Enjoy a relaxing night's sleep with the Snorblok Comfort-X Mouthpiece. 

Customer reference...

Hi my name is Heather and I bought the snorblok comfort-x mouthpiece and wanted to tell you how amazing it is.

Before getting the snorblok my snoring was up 53% of the night .  I am a mouth breather as I am unable to breath through my nose while sleeping.  The first night I used it my snoring went down to 8% of the night and last night I did not snore at all.

I must say I do have a sore jaw and my teeth hurt a bit but in time that will go but I just needed to tell you how happy I am with this product.