Cannot Close Mouth With a Night Guard

Struggling to close your mouth when wearing your mouth guard is a very common problem that many come across. However, that does not mean it should be happening. If you find yourself struggling to close your mouth while wearing a mouth guard, it's important you find out why.

The Right Night Guard For You

First of all, buying a quality night guard matters. It is easy to think that all night guards are the same. But, the materials that they are made from is kind of a big deal, it's what makes a difference between a hard and soft mouth guard.

It is best not to pay a rock bottom price. When you opt for a cheaper version, you often end up with a night guard which is poorly made. For instance, it may not be made from pliable materials that make it easier for you to close your mouth.

In the past, night guards were often made from materials that were hard and rigid. We now know that our mouths don't respond well to hard materials. They are more likely to do harm than good.

Your Night Guard Does Not Fit?

If your night guard does not fit properly, it is not going to protect you. After all, wearing a night guard probably indicates that you have a mouth or oral cavity issue in the first place. Perhaps you have a problem with misaligned or crooked teeth. If so, your dentist has probably advised you to wear a night guard to address the issue.

But, a night guard does not only help to reduce and manage dental problems. Wearing one at night can also help to reduce symptoms associated with common health conditions such as bruxism and sleep apnea. There is a clear link between oral health and sleep quality. If your night guard does not fit properly, you will quickly notice the symptoms associated with sleep disorder and bruxism.

Closing Your Mouth With a Mouth Guard

When you sleep at night, it is essential that your mouth guard allows you to close your mouth. That means you should be able to gently press your lips together without forcing them. In order for this to happen, your mouth guard needs to fit properly, otherwise you most likely have the wrong mouth guard.

Try wearing your night guard during the day. Does it feel like it fits properly? Something is wrong if it does not feel like it fits and protects your teeth and gums. If this is the case you should look for another night guard, buy a more pliable one. Your mouth guard or night guard should always be comfortable to wear.

Final Thoughts

If you buy a night guard, it is best to pay a bit more. Yes, there are budget night guards available, but they are far less likely to do a good job. You should feel that you can rely on your night guard as much as you rely on other health solutions in your life.